API Asia – Conference 2023

API Asia Conference

"Fueling The Digital Economy"

API Asia

Join us in Colombo this year API ASIA Conference 2023 to learn how digital transformation can enhance your customer experience, optimize your operations, and improve your business model. The event comprises a line-up of inspiring keynotes, insightful business & technical sessions, and networking opportunities to provide knowledge on how API can help you digitally transform. APIs are key for a successful digital transformation and sustained business growth. Not only have APIs become key for application developers to streamline operations across business and product suites, they have also become an integral part of product development, business strategy, and scalability.

Globally, companies in the FinTech, banking, transportation, logistics, travel, food delivery services, and beauty sectors are offering services for millions through APIs. This poses some interesting challenges in terms of scaling, monitoring, and deployment. This event is not only for those already in the API and platform game. It is for companies that are growing and starting to see the challenges of offering services to a large number of clients. It is also for those who want to share information, seek inspiration, and gain knowledge from experts.

Digital Economy 2030

Leapfrog into Industry 4.0 and beyond; transcending to an Inclusive Digital Economy. Making Sri Lanka a Resilient Export Oriented Hub through Sustainable and tradable goods and services supported by an advanced technology-based economy.
The government facilitated a conducive Business Environment for Investment. Leveraging Human Centric Technology to improve Productivity and efficiency to match the global value chain to overcome the current economic crisis.
To make society engaged and raise awareness on the benefits of IR 5.0 and Transcended Digital Economy across the country.
Raise Global awareness of the Sri Lankan Digital Framework/Blueprint up until 2030.

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